SCCS ( Sarawak Children Cancer Society)

On 23rd of November 2007, i went to Santubong’s Kuching Resort for the SCCS Golden Child Camp.. To see.. Not involve in the activity but my friends did.. They organized the activities and be the committee as well.. As for me, i “Observe” how they organize lo.. Haha..


Outside of the ball room..

Lousy N73’s night mode with no skills then come out with this kind of quality..

40 families involved in this camp

Break dance..

Actually, i saw this dancer before in Saberkas.. That time i was Q-ing behind him in Nguikee.. Then i was wearing a very lousy T-shirt.. He’s wearing Hip-hop style clothing.. He turned over to see me and i was wondering he must be thinking..
“Why this guy wear so lousy?” Haha.. And then i saw him in the SCCS camp again..

Celebrating birthday with the kids..

Yam… Seng!!

Chinese tradition lo.. No matter what event also need to yam seng.. Not restricted to wedding dinner only.. hehe..

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