Redang Island Trip — Day 3

If you haven’t read the Day 1 and Day 2, please read from the previous posts.. First of all, i would like to apologize for this late update coz the photo shop took a long time to watch it out and i took some time to scan into computer and edit..

Day 3 early in the morning, we went to have our breakfast.. Roti Canai.. >.< Same stuff again… Sienz.. At there we met the boatman.. Oh.. That’s the place where the boatman lives.. Her wife owns a coffee shop.. Lolz.. So coincidence!!

After our breakfast, we proceeded to the towel counter to take our towel for outing.. Got into the boat, and got ready for the outing for today! Used 2 camera, Olympus and Fujifilm..

My dad and the Singapore family on the boat.. Preparing~

On the way to Ratan Bay

Our first stop was at Ratan Bay.. Not sure is Rotan or Ratan.. Handwriting sux.. Should be Ratan.. Hehe..

This was it.. White sandy beach with crystal clear water!

We were not alone! That boat was similar to ours..

Without wasting any more precious time, we jumped into the sea! Started snorkelling around but saw dead corals! Lol.. Lots of fishes and they thought we’re the “food”.. Luckily didn’t poke at my leg >.<

The guardian? Blek..

Now use my Fujifilm underwater camera.. Go!

So many types of fishes!

Some corals..

Grabbed from the boat to test the camera >.<

We’re getting out of here!

I accidentally drank a few mouth of sea water.. So salty! Dehydrated.. Lol.. So we proceeded to our second stop at Turtle Bay..

This is the scenery on the way to Turtle Bay..

As you can see, the water at Turtle Bay has different colour.. More bluish.. My handsome daddy also.. hehe..

Our boatman went to search for the turtles.. The correct way of snorkelling~

Turtle Bay.. Nice and cool..

Now underwater photo.. Managed to grab some turtle pics.. Anyway, no corals at Turtle Bay.. That’s the reason why the colour of the sea water is different.. Coz all are sand down there..

This turtle was swimming towards my direction!

Right below me!!!

My bro and me were the only 2 people in the whole boat that had managed to get so close with the turtles!! SO lucky!

This other boatman tried to catch the turtle! What a stupid act!!

He chased the turtles off!! Or else I’ll have a chance to get closer with the turtles!! Pissed me off!

And after this, we went off form Turtle Bay and proceeded to Long Beach..

On the way to Long Beach

Our boatman was too shy to take a photo.. hehe..

You can see other resorts on this Redang Island as we went around the whole island!

The Singapore family members.. Their son was blocked by his mom..

Long journey to Long Beach.. Far away.. Another side of the island~

Another boat competed with us to reach Long Beach first and we won 🙂

Isolated island.. Maybe you can see Jonny Depp there =.=”

Cave!! All the treasure from the Pirates!!

Ok, finally reached!!

Actually we went some where NEAR to Long Beach to snorkel first.. Haha..

The boatman caught a fish up using bread.. Nice right?

We met another big crew from Laguna Beach Resort..

Now underwater pics turn… Get to see what i see also.. >.< So no need go Redang Island already.. Read my blog can already.. Haha..

There the corals are better..

Wow… Nice nice..

Closer look at the corals..

Hehe.. That’s me..

Erm.. I think now you’ll think.. Why all almost the same??

Ok, now it’s time to get off from here and proceed to the Long Beach! We stopped outside there to see baby shark.. But unlucky though.. Can’t see any.. Now is 12.30 noon.. So hot and my skin already burnt till red.. Hehe..

The 末末茶 place..

Before our lunch, we went to see baby shark outside the Long Beach..

Well no baby shark that time.. Unlucky.. Saw some ordinary fish only..

These fishes at Long Beach..

Finally saw different kind..

Looks like tiger with the strips on their body..

To be continued…

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