Redang Island Trip — Day 2

Lets continue on the day 2.. Please read Day 1 first before reading this.. Early in the morning at 7 am we checked out and went to Syahbandar Jetty to buy tickets. The ferry will come at 10.30 am but we scared that it’s the peak season now so we went there much earlier..hehe.. Kiasu? Nop..

At 10.15 am, the ferry came..

This was it.. Our ferry.. around 200 ++ people that day..

The ferry-ride will take around 1 hour more to reach at Berjaya Redang Beach Resort.. So we watched Night At The Museum in the ferry.. Couldn’t finish the movie.. Of course!

Finally, reached there!!

It was out of my expectation.. Bit disappointed since the place is very commercialize now! With car, motor, road!! Even Astro!! What the heck??? Last time at Sibu and Tioman Island were totally different!! No cars at all!

The bridge.. Haha.. Anyway, see that girl with red bag? She’s cute and pretty! Haha..

So we waited for 5 minutes for the bus to come and fetch us.. 3 Km from the jetty to our resort! A small, lousy and old bus came.. Didn’t manage to take a photo of it.. Haha.. Short of time..

When we reached there, it was full of people! Very crowded! Lots of local people and Singaporean.. Ang moh few nia.. Think they prefer Laguna beach resort.. That’s the place where a famous Taiwan TV series shot.. think so.. 夏日末末茶.. Will post out the picture on Day 3.. I went there too! Hehe..

Took our lunch at 1-2pm like that and saw other people just came back from snorkelling.. Awful lunch! Yucks! Very oily but what to do? Not like at Laguna there.. Here every people took package with Berjaya Redang Resort and took their meals there..

At 3pm, finally! We checked in the resort!

It’s like a long house~~ Hehe..

This is the “backyard”.. Hehe.. Can “Lim Teh” there..

We took a nap since the weather was too hot for beach activities..

At 4 pm, we went to the Berjaya beach! Decided to get our feet wet ONLY! haha..

Nice? hehe..

~The left side of the beach~

~With my bro~

~Yucks, what’s that? Fish plankton?~

As you can see from the above pics, the water is crystal clear!! Saw lots of people sun bathing but not us! Haha.. At 6 something, we went back to our room to get ready for our dinner..

Outside of our room..

We decided to try out the local food so walked out from the resort..

Wah.. Long journey~

This was what i saw! Astro somemore at kampung!

Wah biang, the villagers there also watch Astro..Lieu..

This is roughly the whole island and other smaller islands..

So we took our dinner at this place and booked our snorkelling trip for tomorrow.. 6 hours round the whole island and stop at 6 different places to see corals, fishes, turtles, baby shark, 末末茶, and Marne Park..  Rm60 per pax and our boat will include another family from singapore but china people~

After our dinner we went to the resort there to walk around.. I went to the souvenier shop to buy something for my GF.. Saw a underwater camera from Fujifilm so decided to buy it and give it a try..Rm70 for 27 exposures..

This “was” it.. As the camera couldn’t be reused..

Read some newspaper and went for some games! Hehee….

Ping pong..

This is my sis..not me ya..haha..

After snoker, my bro played till very cocky coz all the other players dunno how to play or still newbie.. So i decided to play with him.. But as you know if you read my previous posts on my lung (blog categories>medic), doctor said no exercise for at least a week.. However at that time i feel much much better so decided to give it a try.. However when i used more strength, i feel uneasy on my chest.. So i stopped straight a way! Went back to my room and rest..

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