NUS — Nice,big,impressive!

National University of Singapore (NUS)
It’s a great experience.. At first i didn’t want to go at all.. I was thinking.. What for? And then, I started to think differently.. I’ doing nothing at home as well too.. Why not go there and take a look at the world’s top 100 university? And i went yesterday.. 19.3.2007 Sorry didn’t take any photo there..hmmm.. Bit regret now.. Why not taking some photo there? Aiyo..

All the goodies including a bottle of mineral water when i reached there..

Lucky draw.. Unlucky draw i suppose.. didn’t manage to get a free thumb drive.. Haiz…

The itinerary of the day.. Visiting those cool labs..real cool

Amazing race?? No la.. Just a simple competition to see which group can answer the questions after the visit to the labs..

The labs are really cool.. Please refer to team A

The first lab..

We saw the engineer of NUS who made the games.. How do i put it.. Virtual.. It’s just like you’re playing counter strike in real people.. There’s 3 games there.. First is the virtual counter strike, secondly is the car racing game using PDA and based on a board track.. You control the car by controlling the PDA..not by pressing the button but move the whole PDA.. Eg, moving the PDA in front to accelerate, turn the whole PDA to left to turn left..etc.. And the last game was a projector which shoot a virtual track on a board and controlled by the computer.. You play the game by turning the whole board as well.. Which i think only boys will be interested in this lab.. lo..

The second lab..

They demonstrated how to use computer to analyse the CT (computerized tomography) images and convert them into 3D format.. Cool!! They just had a few click on a 2D image and processed it to 3D images.. Virtual endoscope was another example..They showed us how to do a virtual endoscope with CT as well and made it into 3D images! No injection or anything is needed!

The third lab..

Robots… NUS won the world’s number 1 in robots..

The 2nd latest robot.. Latest one has been taken to a competition..pretty sad..

More info at The robot has 26 movements, 6 on each leg, 5 on each hand, 2 on the body and 2 on the head.. They use infrared to detect the obstacle and can balance on an uneven surface.. They showed us other robot as well.. Which is insect-like.. Can climb on books but no sense of direction.. lol.. like me 🙁

The last lab..

CNT.. Which i do not understand well in this last lab.. But i do understand 1 thing.. They actually use a PS2 controller to control the SEM!!!! What?? HAHA.. Believe it or not? Better believe me.. Hehe..

Overall impression on NUS is good.. The seniors (the one talked to me is from China) are very friendly and the facilities are good..

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