Ok, this is blog is the 2nd part of Spontaneous pneumothorax ( Lung Collapse ). So read it first before reading this..

X-ray.. I went for the X-ray and the result– My right lung was collapsed!!

“The lung has punctured”, the doctor said. ” I’ll do a chest tube for you”, he added.

Then i was like..What??Collapsed? Then how come i could still breathing and went to the prefect camp? What the hell is going on.. I was a bit nervous.. First time after all.. So the nurse put me on the bed and put on oxygen mask to cool me down..hehe..

And..after like 1 hour or more, the procedure ( NOT operation..) began..Without giving me injection to let me “sleep”, so i could watch the whole procedure..hehe..The detail part couldn’t describe in words as i do not know the terms..those tools..So i was hospitalised for 3 days..

Friends came to visit me..happy for it..lucky to have these friends..hehe..Erm.. And now i’m fine.. 🙂

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About LWJ

A doctor in Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru (HSAJB).