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Finally get my braodband service back after a long 3-4 weeks of No-Online life…However, as i said in the previous blog, i had been doing my website offline and sometimes do go to my mom office to online a while.. Now,my ISP is Maxis Broadband..Actually Maxis also not that good.. Their services also not that up-to-standard… Hehe.. As you know, they promised me to come my house last weekend.. And.. They didn’t show up.. Ihave been waiting for the whole day you know.. My mom called them and they said dunno leh.. Gotta ask the technician.. Then, my mom called the Kuala Lumpur main office.. They said: “Sorry madam, we’re out of stock..No more modem..” I was stunned at that moment..No more modem??What the hell??Hehe..They knew how many subscriber and should prepare the modems before it..All of them..However, they didn’t do it..They just pushing here and there..Giving many excuses.. Soon after a week on 22nd of April, i called them and pestered them..Haha..Early in the morning i called the installer Handphone number and they said will come today.. Finally,they came..Hehe..Thay said they’re from KL..The JB technician cannot cope up so the main office asked them to com down and help out..

Click Maxis Broadband to take a look at their packages..I’m one of the early birds so i get special offer RM68 per month for 512k every months..Not bad la..Hehe.. And… Mynew photo gallery to enable user to leave comments if they’re registered..Users can upload their own photos as well..Remember, Register to get the full functions..Instant and fast!! RSS feed is enabled in my forum!! Get the latest news in my forum when you subscribed to it..Windows Vista can deal with this new feature!!

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