SPM Result!!

Finally!! 2006 SPM result is coming out!! On the 12th of March?? Heard so.. However, there’s still no news about 2006 STPM results.. Anyway, i’m waiting for STPM result..hehe..When saying about SPM results will remind me of my old days during form 5..When knowing the result is coming out soon, i feel nervous..Hoping to get a straight A’s in SPM so that can get JPA scholarship to further our studies.. That’s what every people hope for..Getting a JPA scholarship is just like striking 4D..In directly..Let’s just take an example.. If you manage to get a JPA scholarship to study medicine in UK, you will save up to 1 Million as if you wanna go to UK to study medicine yourself, total cost will up to 1 Million..Including tuition fees, cost of living.. So if u can get JPA scholarship for that,isn’t it good??1 million..Getting 1 million scholarship maybe is more than striking a 4D..lolz.. 1 of my best friend..soon lee got JPA France engineering,another friend got JPA Australia medicine.. How lucky they are..Hehe.. Anyway,they are the 2 top students in my school..hehe.. Hope that this time i can make it in STPM..In SPM,i failed to get straight A’s..

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