Broadband 2

Yesterday just said GoLightSpeed is better than Streamyx, today i met some problems just now..Can’t get the IP address as my ISP is wireless so gotta get the desired IP only can online..Haiz..Very Sueh and pantang when u say the things good den it becomes bad..that’s the normal things we always face..GoLightSpeed and Streamyx brother and sister la..Now must “sut” them nicely or else i’ll get throttled again..hehe..I called the office in JB just now..An office girl picked up the phone..I told her the problem and she said the technician will call back later..I was wondering how come she can’t call the technician right now?? A few minutes later, a call to my HP..Showing “Private Number”..How come they wanna put “Private Number”?? Scared i always go and complain at them?Hahaz..Anyway, as long as they can solve my problems anything will be just fine for me..However, he asked me to do this and do that..In the end also can’t get the problem fixed..Dunno how “pro” are they..Hehe…And 1 more thing..He’s calling from KL..there’s no technician in JB!! Oh gosh..I’m wondering how are they going to fix the problem through phone ONLY..They thought that just give some simple instructions then everything will solve it by itself?Hehe…They should give better service la..Or else which ISP also will just be the same as Streamyx.. I heard Maxis is much better..I mean the service..So I’m wondering whether to switch to it..Hehe..If my problem cannot be solved by this week, they will get form me..Haha..Will call them and complain till they get frustrated…Nightmare for those workers..Dreaming of “How to fix LWJ broadband?”

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A doctor in Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru (HSAJB).