Wow..After long upgrade from Yahoo to a new server, finally finish almost 90% of it..Hmmm..due to some internet problems..Malaysia ISP you should know better than me..Lolz…Hmmm…

ein Bildein Bild

ein Bild

Aiyo…These are some sample pics i took from other forum..People are insulting TmNet Streamyx but they just don’t improve their service..However, talking so much on Streamyx, I’m not a streamyx user..Hahaz.. I’m currently using GoLightSpeed..On a 512k plan..RM86 a month..Wireless..Still ok the service..I personally think that the service is much better than Streamyx as i seldom heard complaints from other user..Dunno is little user or really that good their service..Hehe..Here is the link to the website…

ein Bild

GolightSpeed is not bad..The stability is quite good.. However, you can’t online when it’s raining..sad though..Sometimes i do angry over that..Anyway, talking about my new website, my good buddy Ting Yi, Soon Lee, Khan Ruey they all give me lots of support..hahaz…Really appreciate them as my best friend..And not to forget my GF too..Hehe..Always be the first to view my web and give me some feedback to it..

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